My New Cardigan is Ann's Cardigan

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/21/2014 to Sewing Projects
Ann's Cardigan & Tank from The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection is a simple pattern that offers interesting choices for cutting its pieces on the cross grain or on grain, and some options for finishing. I used one of the knits that I had just used to create the pullover top with a combination of three fabrics. A knit from my stash, the fabric is a gray and black stripe with "bling" in the form of sequins on the black stripes.

Some Things are Worth Repeating

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/18/2014 to Sewing Projects
I love sewing new things but once in a while I get almost stuck on a certain pattern and sew it over and over again. That is what has happened with me and Vogue 8793, the pullover top designed by Katharine Tilton that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. I blogged about a blue top I made with the fantastic fabric Face for a Photo Shoot and it turned out great, but somehow it was not enough. I have just sewed this pattern again in a combination of gray knits including Burnout Black on Gray Dots and two others from my stash. I'll wear this next top with the black skirt I just sewed to wear to the Sewing Expo next week, or with black pants.

Not So Basic Black Skirt

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/12/2014 to Sewing Projects
For the past two years I have been meaning to sew Vogue 1292, Sandra Betzina's darling design for a lined knit skirt with an origami border at the hemline. This pattern is still in the books and should be readily available at the fabric store and online. The pattern offers two options - one with the origami border and one without, and although both designs are great, I could not resist the border

Fun & Zippy Pullover - Perfect for Puyallup

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/6/2014 to Sewing Projects
Designed by Katharine Tilton, Vogue 8793 is a pattern for a long-sleeved pullover top with a double collar that uses a zipper as a design element. This is a fun and interesting pattern because of the way it uses three different knits to create an overall striking garment.

What to Wear to the Big Event?

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/3/2014 to Sewing Projects
Musicians worry about what to wear to the Grammy's. Movie stars plan for months what to wear to the Oscar's. We all worry about what to wear to the office holiday party. But as a sewista, I think I speak for most of us when I say that I worry a lot about what I will wear to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington.
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