Why Do We Do It?

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 10/13/2013 to Commentary
Be You (tiful)Why do we make our own clothes and jewelry?
In this day and age, it is not a money-saving prospect. In fact, it can be quite expensive to create original clothing and jewelry. And yet we do it. It often takes a lot of time and effort – trial and error, sewing and ripping, pinning and fitting... And it isn't like we have a lot of extra time. But we still do it. 

 I'd say that the reason I make clothes and jewelry is the incredible joy of creativity and the satisfaction of being original that makes me want to sew and bead. To me, all clothing and jewelry is a form of self expression. There is a lot of information about who you are in what you choose to wear. 

Somehow, individually sewn garments and custom made jewelry are the most expressive of all. You are a designer when you select a pattern, choose the fabric, alter the fit, pick the buttons and change the details. You are a designer when you choose the beads, adjust the length of the necklace, determine the style of the earrings, and put it all together to make a statement piece of jewelry. You, yes you, are the designer. 

Making clothes and jewelry offers a wonderful platform for creative expression. You can tell the world what colors you love, instead of accepting the colors that the fashion industry is offering that season. You can make the clothes fit you, the way you like them to fit, not the way that the styles dictate that year. And you can pull it all together as well as any style icon on earth, by mixing and matching fabrics, buttons and beads. 

Most importantly, you can be you, in clothes and jewelry that you love, that you designed, that you made, and that show the world your beauty, your creativity and your individual style. I believe that the freedom to be who you are and to express yourself as you wish is among the most important rights we have.

Welcome to www.smugglersdaughter.com. My name is Susan Liane and I am The Smuggler's Daughter. I'm going to be blogging about sewing, beading, style and the politics of the garment industry, among other things. Next blog will be a book report on “Overdressed, the Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion” by Elizabeth Cline. If you'd like to read along, please join me. My next blog post will be in November.
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The Conversation So Far
Ginny Northcott Date 10/14/2013
I think I may start to sew again!! You make it sound like fun..... Nice site!!
Susan Kennedy Date 10/14/2013
Thanks Gin Bin!
Maridy Roper Date 10/21/2013
I felt the same way as Ginny. I used to sew many moons ago and still have a pretty good "machine". So tempting and who knows. Love the fabric and your site.
Susan Liane Date 10/22/2013
Thanks Maridy! Your support is priceless
Lanelle McCollum Date 11/4/2013
I liked the article on overdressed. my closet is now full of many of those clothes and i do not like at least half of them and was just thinking i want to get rid of them and stop buying them! not only do i feel "overdressed". i feel "over consumed".... I want to moved toward a less and more original. I used to sew and i know I dont plan to start again but i would like to hire a seamstress to do two or three really interesting and comfortable "outfits" so i plan to give it some thought while i am in mexico this winter... good job, you little smugglers daughter, you!!!!
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