Vogue 9081

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 12/5/2018 to Sewing Projects

Just by happenstance, Marcy Tilton and I have managed to be in some of the same places (airports, grocery stores and fabric warehouses) at the same times recently.  It is always good to see her and to remember great times like the days when she owned The Sewing Workshop in San Francisco and later when she led the Design Outside the Lines retreats with Diane Ericson.  Marcy is one of the true treasures of the sewing world and she has given us all so much – including the wonderful Vogue patterns she is still designing.


We were both on our way to Los Angeles for some buying and I happened to be wearing a dress that I sewed up using one of her patterns, Vogue 9081, a pullover dress with ¾ sleeves, bias neck binding and some very fun seam and construction details.   


This dress is fitted in the bust, but otherwise somewhat roomy.  You can sew it in knit or woven fabric.  I chose knits because I wanted something comfortable and kind of quirky to wear on a regular basis.  I had all of these scraps of black and gray print knits, so I decided to use them for a creative effect.


I sewed my normal size - lengthened it a bit at the hem and adjusted it a bit at the shoulders.  I didn’t shorten the sleeves like I often do, so the ¾ length just turned out to be long for me, which works out great.

The fabric that I wanted to feature most was this “Shattered Glass Ceiling” knit that is sold out, but I didn’t have quite enough of it to use for the two main front pieces.  I had to settle for using this fabric for the neck band, one sleeve and the side pieces, which turned out fine.  I opted for sewing the neck band from one fabric instead of two.


The other two fabrics formed a nice gray and black combination.  I cut the stripe on the length and the cross, which gave the pieces more interest in the final construction.   Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I did not worry about matching exactly and let the seams fall where they may while connecting the main torso pieces with the bottom pieces.


I love wearing this dress and get a lot of compliments on it.  I would recommend this pattern and I would sew it again.   I would use some fairly stable knits, like lightweight ponte fabrics and others.  It might be nice in a combination of knits and wovens.  I think that Vogue 9081 offers a lot of opportunity to get creative with how you cut and sew the interesting pieces.  And I’d love to see how any of you have sewn it up.

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