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The Daughter's Story

Butterick Pattern 4953
One of my early favorite dress patterns. It was purchased at Dollie's Fabrics in San Clemente, California.

I am not a smuggler. None of the goods sold on this website have been smuggled into any country. You can shop here with certainty that you are not party to any illegal activity.

I am, however, a smuggler's daughter. That's right, the name of this business is not fictional. My name is Susan Liane and I am the daughter of a convicted drug smuggler. Most of my adult life I tried to hide this fact and I did a pretty good job. I got a college education, became a professional woman and owned a successful business. Most people would have never guessed that I was a smuggler's daughter.

But of course, hiding who you are is difficult and exhausting business, and a small circle of close friends did come to know about my background. One of these people once asked what my parents had done right in raising me. 

Without hesitation, I answered, "my mother taught me to sew." I learned to sew on an old Singer and fell in love with fabric, buttons, patterns and everything about making clothing. I doubt that I have ever passed a fabric store in my life.

I love the hum of the machine, watching a garment come together and feeling proud when I can wear the final product. I also suffer the disappointment when something doesn't quite turn out right, but never enough to quit altogether. Sewing is my meditation and my escape, not so different from when I was a young girl, growing up as a smuggler's daughter.

Women used to sew clothing because it was much less expensive than buying clothing. Because of the proliferation of cheap fashion in the marketplace, those days are long gone and people often ask why we do it still. Is it the joy of creating something unique? Is it the desire to look like no one else on earth? Is it dissatisfaction with what is offered in ready-to-wear? Or maybe all of the above.

Are you drawn to quality and originality? Do you appreciate art in all forms, especially art-to-wear? When you get dressed before going out, do you think of it as a bit of an art project? If you do, then you have come to the right place. SmugglersDaughter.com offers an array of distinctive fabrics, buttons and patterns for you to use in creating your own style. I cannot promise that everything on the site will appeal to you, but I can promise that the merchandise is hand-selected by someone with an appreciation for unique style and fine quality.

I can also promise you that you will hear an honest and original voice when you read the project descriptions, get my tweets or follow my blog. You might not always agree with me, but I hope that you will enjoy my candor and recognize the good intent of my business dealings. If you have any questions about The Smuggler's Daughter and its merchandise, please do not hesitate to contact me. [email protected]