Summer Patterns from Vogue

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 3/9/2016 to Commentary
Just out are the new summer patterns from Vogue and it is difficult to imagine any sewista not being able to find something among them to make her happy to sew.  Here are my top four: 

V9188 from Kayla Kennington (left) is a lovely top/tunic that can be sewn with woven fabric or stable knits.  It is a cute asymmetrical design with handkerchief hems.  One of the photos made me think it would look great sewn up in The Smuggler's Daughter Teal Handkerchief Linen.

V9193 from Marcy Tilton is a wonderful tunic and pants pattern that feels like a must for the spring and summer wardrobe.  The pullover tunic has interesting seam detail and and inseam front pocket.  You've got a choice of dolman sleeves or sleeveless.  The pants look super comfortable and roomy through the hips, and seem like they will adjust easily to cropped pants.  One of the photos of the tunic is sewn up in a fabric that we have in stock - Parking in Paris, and it does look great.

V9182 from Kathryn Brenne may be the most interesting design offered.  It is a diagonal waist and diagonal hem dress, that leaves most of the back with no elastic in the waist. the stand up collar and side pocket are nice features.  I love the look of this dress for warmer weather ahead and think it would look cute in a number of different cottons or linens.  It would be stunning in one of the burnout shirtings we have from Maggy London, or very summery in the Southwest Stripes. 

It is quite possible that I may never wear another swimsuit again in my lifetime, but if I do, it may just be the one-shoulder one-piece that is part of V9192.  (reoccurring skin cancer - no big deal, I just stay out of the sun.) This pattern includes two designs for one-piece suits, a bikini, and a cover up dress.  A great value for summer sewing.

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The Conversation So Far
Shams Date 3/9/2016
I like some of those, too, as well as Sandra Betzina's new vest pattern. That swimsuit is BANGING. I don't have the silhouette to wear it, but if I did, I'd be first in line!
Kayla Date 3/9/2016
Thanks! I'm so's my first "Vogue" It's actually the Summer 2016 Catalog and I have another tunic, pant, and skirt in silks for Holiday 2016. I hope they sell really well and Vogue will want me to design more!
Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter Date 3/10/2016
Congratulations Kayla! So happy for you and wish you big success in your future endeavors with Vogue. You have a big fan in me and I will certainly purchase this pattern.
lexy cann Date 3/11/2016
How lucky for us that Kayla is in Vogue! I, too, am a big fan of her work. Thanks for the news flash!
Susan Simon Date 3/11/2016
I have reservations about asymmetry in clothing, both hems and necklines. They just look weird to me. Of course, I'm old, and also I can easily straighten a hem, but does it really look ok to have a hem halfway up your thigh on one side and drooping halfway down your calf on the other? Perhaps it's more west coast than east coast? I keep waiting for this trend to subside, hoping it will start to look as old as those monster shoulders back in the 80s but here comes yet another season filled with it.
Wendy Engelmann Date 4/12/2016
I love Kayla's tunic . I agree it would look wonderful in the teal handkerchief linen fabric. I want to make two or three of these. Thanks for the great post.
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