Vogue 9081

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 12/5/2018 to Sewing Projects

Just by happenstance, Marcy Tilton and I have managed to be in some of the same places (airports, grocery stores and fabric warehouses) at the same times recently.  It is always good to see her and to remember great times like the days when she owned The Sewing Workshop in San Francisco and later when she led the Design Outside the Lines retreats with Diane Ericson.  Marcy is one of the true treasures of the sewing world and she has given us all so much – including the wonderful Vogue patterns she is still designing.


We were both on our way to Los Angeles for some buying and I happened to be wearing a dress that I sewed up using one of her patterns, Vogue 9081, a pullover dress with ¾ sleeves, bias neck binding and some very fun seam and construction details.   


The Creative Muse and The Madrid Top

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 6/7/2017 to Sewing Projects
I purchased the Madrid Top & Pants pattern from The Sewing Workshop booth at the big SewExpo in Puyallup this last March thinking what a great looking shirt this would make.  I'm a big fan of asymmetric hemlines and diagonal features in a garment.  Of course, it went straight into the box of sewing patterns that I have been collecting for years - you know the one.  It is marked "Maybe I will sew this someday." 

And then, a couple of weeks ago I found this cool looking piece of fabric in a thrift store here in Southern Oregon.  It is vintage bark cloth, like maybe something for curtains in the 1950s.  Immediately, I thought it should be paired with this gorgeous green silk - Comice Pear Silk - and remembered the yet unseen Madrid Top. It was one of those sewing moments when you just know that the muse has arrived.  Despite the fact that I have more UFOs in my house then at any other time in my life, I just had to sew this.

Sewing Retreat

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 11/16/2016 to Sewing Projects

Do you ever have a hard time completing sewing projects at home?  (Do you ever NOT have a hard time completing projects at home?) Maybe it’s the family or the pets or the neighbors that need attention – maybe it’s the mess or the tv or the bills that distract us or maybe it is all of the above. 

Going off on a sewing retreat is a great way to concentrate on your projects, learn new skills, meet new friends and relax in an atmosphere filled with all of your favorite things – like needles, thread, sewing machines, fabulous fabrics and other sewistas!  And the good news is that there are so many sewing retreats offered these days.

Pearl Cotton & The Hometown Fabric Store

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 9/19/2015 to Sewing Projects
Ok back to the Japonesque Top… I finished the one I started a couple of weeks ago. I sewed the large because it fit the last time I sewed it. I probably should have used the medium, but oh well, it will work as a lightweight jacket. The pattern calls for hand stitching and I was certain that I would not do that. In fact, I tested out several of the decorative stitches on my Bernina. After testing the stitches, I felt like most of them would have distorted my lightweight fabric too much and I did not feel like adding interfacing. So, in fact, I did go with hand stitching, just a simple running stitch with Pearl Cotton.

Japonesque Top - Version 4.0

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 8/26/2015 to Sewing Projects
Do you ever get so enthralled with a pattern that you sew it up several times over? For me, the Japonesque Top, now out of print, from The Sewing Workshop is one of those patterns.  I have sewn so many of them that I have forgotten about some, given others to friends, and worn others out.  

Is It A Dress or A Tunic?

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 8/5/2015 to Sewing Projects
I don’t care what anyone says, I happen to love sewalongs. So when my friend Karen suggested that we sew Very Easy Vogue 8968, I immediately started to put together possibilities from my stash. By the look of the drawings on the cover of the pattern, this would be a pretty short dress, or maybe a tunic. I like the pattern because it is easy, but kind of unusual. I thought it could make a variety of striking garments.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 12/21/2014 to Sewing Projects
As far as cold weather goes, we have it pretty good here in Southern Oregon. We get a fair bit of sun and mild temperatures during the winter, but this week, it has been cold outside. So, I vowed to stay calm and sew with sweater knits!

Sunday Afternoon in The Sewing Circle

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 12/7/2014 to Sewing Projects
One of the sewistas here in Southern Oregon, Ute, hosted an afternoon of hand-sewing at her home in Ashland today. Much to my surprise when I walked in, there was Myrna Giesbrecht in the fabulous dress she sewed with our fabric, Sunny Day in Seattle! If you don’t already follow Myrna’s blog, you really must do so. All last week she has been writing about the process of sewing this new dress, a version of Lynn Mizono’s Vogue 1410, but she had been quite mysterious about taking a trip to visit an anonymous sewing friend. And here she was, right here in Ashland.

Nice & Easy - Sewing Marcy Tilton's New Skirt Pattern

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 11/9/2014 to Sewing Projects
Sewing Vogue 9060 is a fun and easy project that  results in a lovely new skirt. Marcy Tilton's design is one of those that, although simple, is quite striking. A joy to sew and a joy to wear.

Sewing a Koos Jacket - Part One

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 9/10/2014 to Sewing Projects
In the last couple of days I've gotten that feeling of a slight chill in the air when I first get up in the morning. The back of summer has definitely been broken and it is time to focus on sewing things with sleeves, heavier materials, etc. You know how hard it is to think about sewing a coat or jacket when it is still hot out, but now I'm definitely feeling the season start to change and I'm ready for a challenge.

Last year my friend Karen sewed this pattern, Vogue 1277, by Koos Van Den Akker, whose work I have long admired but never sewn.  I love the jacket she made and I have been envious ever since I first saw it last winter.  The pattern is rated "advanced" and I would take that seriously.

Girls & Their Summer Clothes - Part 3

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 8/14/2014 to Sewing Projects
It is still warm here in Southern Oregon and the sun sits high in the August sky, so I figure that I have another couple of summer dresses in me. And I came across a darling border print that I just couldn't wait to use. The print is a seaside village scene with a sunny yellow sky on a cotton gauze.

Breaking a Losing Streak

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 7/30/2014 to Sewing Projects
Have you ever gone through a period when nothing you sew turns out right? Well, I have been going through just such a period recently. I hated everything I sewed last month. Nothing turned out the way that I thought it would or the way that I intended. This string of losers included two dresses, a shirt and a jacket.

Girls & Their Summer Clothes - Part 2

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 7/25/2014 to Sewing Projects
Eva 1I hardly ever needed summer clothes when I was living in Seattle - there just wasn’t enough summer to warrant spending time sewing sleeveless tops and dresses. Here in Southern Oregon, however, there is plenty of summer left and I have been feeling like I need more warm-weather clothing. So, off to the sewing room...

Can't I Just Stay Home and Sew?

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 7/3/2014 to Commentary
OK - time to fess up. Have you ever told people that you were going away for a weekend, and then just stayed at home in your sewing room? Me, too. And as much as I am a patriotic American, the fourth of July just doesn't appeal to me. Everyone tells me that Independence Day is one of the two major holidays here in Ashland, Oregon (the other one being Halloween) and that I really must experience it - parade, fireworks, bbq in the park, etc. But what do I really want to do? Yep, you guessed it - stay home and sew.

Girls & Their Summer Clothes

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 6/24/2014 to Sewing Projects
In Southern Oregon we get long sunny days during the summertime and even if it gets a bit hot, the temperature drops during the evenings, so the heat isn't unbearable. This weather has made me want to sew some summer dresses because pants feel like too much to wear and when I went looking for patterns to inspire me, I noticed Vogue 8975, a darling knit dress designed by Marcy Tilton.

It is a Mod, Mod Sweater!

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 4/1/2014 to Sewing Projects
Mod Squad Sweater Knit is a striking design that is sure to attract compliments, but it is also a nice light knit that is comfortable for cool weather this spring. One of the great things about this fabric is that you can pair it with so many different colors - black, cream, taupe, green, brown - and it will look sharp with any of them. It goes well with my standard uniform of all black.

My New Cardigan is Ann's Cardigan

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/21/2014 to Sewing Projects
Ann's Cardigan & Tank from The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection is a simple pattern that offers interesting choices for cutting its pieces on the cross grain or on grain, and some options for finishing. I used one of the knits that I had just used to create the pullover top with a combination of three fabrics. A knit from my stash, the fabric is a gray and black stripe with "bling" in the form of sequins on the black stripes.

Some Things are Worth Repeating

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/18/2014 to Sewing Projects
I love sewing new things but once in a while I get almost stuck on a certain pattern and sew it over and over again. That is what has happened with me and Vogue 8793, the pullover top designed by Katharine Tilton that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. I blogged about a blue top I made with the fantastic fabric Face for a Photo Shoot and it turned out great, but somehow it was not enough. I have just sewed this pattern again in a combination of gray knits including Burnout Black on Gray Dots and two others from my stash. I'll wear this next top with the black skirt I just sewed to wear to the Sewing Expo next week, or with black pants.

Not So Basic Black Skirt

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/12/2014 to Sewing Projects
For the past two years I have been meaning to sew Vogue 1292, Sandra Betzina's darling design for a lined knit skirt with an origami border at the hemline. This pattern is still in the books and should be readily available at the fabric store and online. The pattern offers two options - one with the origami border and one without, and although both designs are great, I could not resist the border

Fun & Zippy Pullover - Perfect for Puyallup

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/6/2014 to Sewing Projects
Designed by Katharine Tilton, Vogue 8793 is a pattern for a long-sleeved pullover top with a double collar that uses a zipper as a design element. This is a fun and interesting pattern because of the way it uses three different knits to create an overall striking garment.

What to Wear to the Big Event?

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 2/3/2014 to Sewing Projects
Musicians worry about what to wear to the Grammy's. Movie stars plan for months what to wear to the Oscar's. We all worry about what to wear to the office holiday party. But as a sewista, I think I speak for most of us when I say that I worry a lot about what I will wear to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington.

It's A Coat and I Am Truly Grateful

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 11/28/2013 to Sewing Projects
New Coat in BackyardOh what fun it was to sew a new coat using Vogue 8934 and Whirling Dervish Wool from this site. Vogue 8934 is a fun and easy pattern, and although it is listed as "average" difficulty, beginning sewistas should not be put off by the challenge. The pattern designer is Marcy Tilton and her instructions are very clear - probably the best in the business. So I recommend this pattern and the Whirling Dervish Wool to one and all. 

I Found My Buttons in San Francisco

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 11/24/2013 to Sewing Projects
I am in San Francisco for a buying trip and I am reminded what a great sewing town that San Francisco truly is.  When most people think of San Francisco they think of the Golden Gate Bridge, great food, Chinatown, museums, North Beach and the waterfront.  But when sewistas think of San Francisco, we think of fabric stores! To me, no trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to Britex.

A Coat That Fits

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 11/19/2013 to Sewing Projects
Pin fitting is not an exact science, especially when you are doing it by yourself. But since most of us sew at home, by ourselves, that is how we do it. For this coat, I pinned it to the front of a long sleeved winter top (on my body) that I might wear underneath it. I'm glad I took the time to do this because I was surprised by some of the things I found.

A Coat of One's Own

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 11/16/2013 to Sewing Projects

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was steaming some wool in preparation for sewing a new coat using Vogue 8934, designed by the fabulous Marcy Tilton. Pre-shrinking wool at home is easy, but not very fun, so many sewistas are tempted to skip this step. You have to be thorough and make sure every inch of your fabric has been steamed. But doing so is much better than having it shrink on you later.

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