New Fabric with San Francisco Style

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 5/7/2014 to Commentary
Just got back from a buying trip to San Francisco and found lots and lots of fabric that will be posted on starting in a couple of weeks. It was a very successful trip and I bought designer fabrics, eco-friendly fabrics, knits, wovens, some very special digital prints from France, and an assortment of cottons from India. 

Somehow, San Francisco will always be my barometer for style and cuisine. I lived there for many years and I took it for granted that I lived in a world-class restaurant and shopping town. I'm afraid it hasn't gotten any less expensive over the years and I am a bit relieved to get back to Southern Oregon pace and prices. 

 But there is a lot to see and do there, and some fantastic fabric to find. After my buying, I took a walk up to Union Square to check out the styles on display. It was fun to see the stores full of clothing from the designers from whom I acquire leftover fabric. Designers like Theory and Mark Jacobs have boutiques there, right near Prada, Yves St Laurant, and others. Rare air in the price department, but nice to see what they are doing. 

Some of the fashion trends I noticed are - the continuation of pretty and bright colors paired with black and white. Purple, orange, sunny yellow and bright blue remain strong this season; a lot of prints resemble paint brush strokes, either on other print backgrounds or alone on fields of white. I like this look and think that our Brushstrokes Plaid Cotton and Coldwater Creek Abstract Plaid are good examples. 

 Look for new fabrics on the site, starting in late May, and be sure to include bright colors and paint stroke prints while you have fun with your summer sewing.
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The Conversation So Far
Maria Date 5/19/2014
You wouldn't by any chance be able to get some more Milly ink splatter cotton/linen?
Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter Date 5/19/2014
Great taste Maria! This was a limited quantity designer fabric that cannot be re-ordered. Sorry. But I will be posting new fabrics on Friday, so check back for something else you might like.
Maria Date 5/20/2014
What a shame. I liked the fact that the fabric was linen/cotton. Must be really comfortable. I'll check back on Friday. :-)
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