National Sewing Month - An Alternative to Yoga

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 9/1/2015
It is September 2015 and this is National Sewing Month here in the United States of America. National Sewing Month has been around since 1982 and it is a joint effort of the American Sewing Guild and the Sewing & Craft Alliance. 

One of my favorite stories about National Sewing Month is from 2005. To promote September as National Sewing Month the theme for 2005 was “Sewing... The Alternative Yoga” after studies had shown that sewing reduced stress in adults and gave kids a creative edge. The campaign was a huge success and included participation of local and national retailers, American Sewing Guild (ASG) chapters, sewing educators, online stores, school districts and more. 

Of course, nearly all of us sewistas can relate to the stress reduction and meditative qualities that sewing has given us. September is a time to celebrate our passion for sewing, but we know the creative, therapeutic and calming effects of sewing are joys that we can celebrate throughout the entire year. 

In my not so humble opinion, National Sewing Month is a great time to do a little something extra to promote the very healthy habit of sewing. What if each one of us were to get involved in National Sewing Month by doing one or more of the following: 
  • Teach a friend or family member to sew.
  • Volunteer some time to help your local school or youth organization with a sewing project. 
  • Join your local chapter of the ASG and participate. 
  • Sew something from a new independent pattern company that you haven’t tried before. Create your own sewing circle of friends. 
  • Try a project with a type of fabric that you’ve never used before. 
  • Go on a sewing retreat, or better yet, a sewing vacation. 

Indulge your passion for sewing this month and sew a little bit more than usual. Make that new garment that you thought might be too difficult. New and experienced enthusiasts can find free sewing projects and Guidelines for sewing, embroidery, craft and appliqué articles available on the Sewing & Craft Alliance (SCA) website at Looking for an instructor? Try the SCA searchable instructor database to find one in your area. Check out for more ideas on how to get involved. Happy sewing!  
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