Is It A Dress or A Tunic?

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 8/5/2015 to Sewing Projects
Is it a Tunic or Is it a Dress? 

I don’t care what anyone says, I happen to love sewalongs. So when my friend Karen suggested that we sew Very Easy Vogue 8968, I immediately started to put together possibilities from my stash. By the look of the drawings on the cover of the pattern, this would be a pretty short dress, or maybe a tunic. I like the pattern because it is easy, but kind of unusual. I thought it could make a variety of striking garments. 

We still have plenty of warm weather left here in Southern Oregon and we have been experiencing some days of triple digit temperatures, so I decided that I would start with a summer dress. I liked the idea of using the contrasting fabric for the hem band like the View B on the cover. An embroidered cotton in my stash was calling my name for the top portion and I picked the Sage Silver Green Linen from for the hem band. 

The interesting thing about this pattern was that it would have been a tunic on me if I had not lengthened it. Since I am only 5’ 2” a pattern like this sometimes turns out to be a dress, even though it looks like a tunic in the drawing. But not this one. I added a couple of inches to both the top and the bottom hem band just to get the dress length right below my knees. And still, I felt like it wasn’t long enough, so I added the lace to the bottom of the hem band, which made it just right. 

A couple of things made my dress a bit different. First, I painted the hem band with a stencil I had just lying around waiting to be used. This turned out to be a great complement to the green and brown embroidery on the off white cotton that I used for the top - the green linen bottom with off-white paint. Second, I used the green linen for a neck facing and let the facing fold over onto the right side, forming a small green trim at the neckline of the finished garment. 

Vogue 8968 is a truly easy pattern, and despite its simplicity, it offers a few opportunities to improvise and make your finished garment fun and unique. Enjoy the sew!
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The Conversation So Far
Charlette Date 9/16/2015
I saw Karen's dress. I want one too:} It was so cute.
Diane Date 11/26/2016
Very pretty. What kind of paint did you use on the section you stenciled? If the silhouette was a little more straight, at the longer length this dress would be perfect for Jazz Age themed soirees!
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