Going Gaudy - Vogue Winter Holiday Patterns

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 10/15/2015 to Commentary
Anyone who truly knows me knows at least a couple of things about me: 
1. I own so many sewing patterns that I will never have enough room to properly store them all. I can’t resist buying more. 
2. My personal philosophy when it comes to holiday clothing and decor is to “go gaudy.”  

Given those two things together, one might assume that I will buy many of the new Vogue Winter Holiday patterns. Well, one would be wrong because I may be purchasing one or two of them - tops. "Too much" is the phrase that comes to mind.

Left - Vogue 9145 from Claire Schaeffer.  Would you wear that? 

One pattern I would consider is Vogue 1479, a classic Peacoat by Isaac Mizrahi, which would be cute, comfortable and wearable for many winter seasons. The other is Vogue 9162 from Kathryn Brenne, which is a simple, wearable, classic combination of a jacket, oversized shirt and wide-legged pants. This combination will look great on a lot of different bodies and will work for several seasons.  
Below - Vogue 9162 from Kathryn Brenne - a wearable combination.

It pains me to report that some of the designers that I usually love, have not offered anything that appeals in this new look book. And, although I advocate general gaudiness for the holidays, I really felt like many of these patterns were just too much. Yep, too much. 

Let’s start with Vogue 9145. The best I can say about this is “yikes.” Double “yikes.” Claire Schaeffer, who claims a specialty in couture sewing has offered us a dress that feels like the ultimate in overkill. I can only imagine someone very tall and thin being able to make this design at all presentable. 

Vogue 1478, a coat pattern from Sandra Betzina, who I normally worship, is about the worst looking way to incorporate some faux fur accents that I have seen this season. The second coat option looks too standard - like something that might be offered by Very Easy Vogue for much less. 

A couple of the patterns, Vogue 4172 from Zandra Rhodes and Vogue 9161 from Marcy Tilton, offer skirts and blouses shown worn together. In both cases, I can easily see wearing either the top or the skirt, but not together. Even the photos look like overkill with these designs. I would be lost in the combination and so would many other women who are not fashion models. 

I’m very much hoping for some interesting additions in the other books and from the indie pattern companies.  For now, you might want to save your money. 

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The Conversation So Far
Karen Schultheis Date 10/20/2015
Hi, I'm just over 5'5" and my body type is the inverted triangle. I'm about a retail size 14 on top, 12 at the waist, and a 10 at the hips. That said, I love Vogue 9145. It may be because it is styled simply at the top and flares out at the waist. I would feel short and dumpy in 9162, but that's why there are so many patterns out there. It's hard to keep us all happy. I love finding independent pattern designers, but I'm having trouble finding something more fitted in them. I'll keep looking though.
Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter Date 10/20/2015
Hey Karen - thanks for sharing your perspective. I'm glad you spoke up. Although I cannot imagine that you would really look short and dumpy in 9162, I can see that it is not everyone's cup of tea. I also wonder if the black and white turned me off about the photo for 9145 - maybe. - Susan
Karen Schultheis Date 10/22/2015
I would personally go with a much more subtle color combo for the black and white dress although it is striking as is. I do agree with you on Sandra's faux fur coat. She is normally spot on.
Ashley Lambert Date 10/25/2015
For starters,I just want to say I love the fabrics you have on your site. They are sup beautiful. I also read your about page and I think you are an inspiration to all women. I would love to sew the patterns like the ones you stated in your blog post. I get nervous when I see patterns for clothes, do you have any advice for me on how to build my confidence when I sew apparel? I love sewing and I have made some beautiful quilts, when it comes to garments though, I am very critical of myself. When I see a pattern, I think it is something that would look good but as I start sewing I start to think that the finished project will look terrible and I at it aside unfinished for fear of what the end result will be. Do you have any suggestive on what to do to build confidence in my sewing? Thank you for your time and your amazing site. I found it through So Sew Easy.
Margaret Crawford Date 10/31/2015
Personally I like the shape of the Vogue 9145. Not too crazy about the color choice. I think something more subtle would suit my taste. Spring colors of a yellow and apricot in equal color tones sounds nice. Thinking too far ahead of Christmas. I am ready for warm weather again!!
Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter Date 11/1/2015
Thanks Margaret! I think your idea about the color choice might make the difference for me on Vogue 9145.
Sue C Date 11/13/2015
Ashley, If it helps, just know ahead of time that you WILL have some "wadders" in your sewing projects but you will also learn something in the process. Frustration and fear are normal in a garment project for me, but I am very much enjoying having clothes that fit and were made by me. My skills are gradually improving and I keep reminding myself that my clothes don't have to look completely conventional. I'm trying to learn to allow myself to look a little "different" at times. Best wishes Sue C
Bunny Date 2/14/2016
I like 9145 but would sew it in a solid with maybe some topstitching on the seams. I love graphic designs but the black and white is too much here,very circus tent. I am sewing th 9162 top right now. It is HUGE with the 4-6 size being 63 inches wide. I took it down to 55 and think it will be a better proportion for my petite shape. It will be worn with slim pants as all that fabric would just swallow me up.
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