Don't Buy That Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Posted by Susan Liane, The Smuggler's Daughter on 11/8/2013 to Commentary

First, I noticed the cute holiday fabrics in the chain stores around labor day.  Although I find them, and most of the crafting projects that go with them, to be too cutesy for my taste, I have to figure that the fabric stores wouldn't be displaying them if people weren't buying them. Right?

Then I noticed the ugly holiday garments. I know we've all had fun with parties and contests for ugliest Christmas sweaters, but really. And the ready-to-wear Christmas offerings like the red or green jumpers, often do seem pretty, well yes, ugly.

So we have overly cutesy and outright ugly available in the stores.  What that means to me is that it is a great time to sew.  Where will you find the time?  I know, the holidays may already feel overwhelming to some of you.  So definitely, let's keep this simple.

Today I posted eight new fabrics on that are neither cutesy nor ugly.  All of  them are either red or green.  There are prints and solids, knits and wovens. Any of them would easily sew up into a simple yet elegant blouse, sweater or dress for the holiday season.  So whether you want something special for a holiday party, or just something in the spirit of the season for regular wear, do take a look.

Let's get back to this simple idea.  I find that sewing is actually less stressful than shopping, especially during the holidays. A gorgeous, even show-stopping holiday item can be a simple task.  If you need inspiration, take a look at some of the photos I posted on Pinterest.

Choose a simple yet distinctive pattern with no difficult fitting challenge.  The Rudolph Red Tencel, the Green Italian Suiting and the Teal Handkerchief Linen should all sew up fairly easily.  Think easy, no stress and strain, even enjoy the holiday garment sewing project. And if you really want to avoid stress, start now.  

Whatever you do, don't buy any more of that hideous holiday ready-to-wear clothing ever again.  This is a great way to send a clear message to the titans of the garment industry. Let them know that we won't spend money unless they offer us quality goods.
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The Conversation So Far
Nadine Date 11/10/2013
Yes, plenty of ugly and cheaply made out there in the malls! In contrast, the sampling of tasteful ideas on your Pinterest page is inspiring. The Lanvin-style dress in the black and fuchsia-pink print in particular. --N
Kathy Herold Date 11/22/2013
I admit I've been to an ugly sweater party, and did have a good laugh at some of the hideous designs people wore - but I agree that ugly Christmas sweaters should be replaced with more elegant holiday apparel.
Susan Liane Date 11/22/2013
Thanks for looking at the ideas on my Pinterest page! Holiday dressing doesn't have to be ugly or prohibitively expensive.
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